Monday, November 13, 2006

My New Telescope

It came, it came, it finally came!

I got my very first telescope today. Per a number of people's recommendations, I got an Orion Starblast, on an EQ mount. Got it put together with/despite help from my kids, and went out to try it out.

The only mildly negative part of the evening came when I tried to get the EZ Finder aligned. I aligned it fairly easily, but had to realign it a few times before either it stayed put, or I figured out how not to bump it again, not sure which. But with it aligned properly, pointing the scope was a breeze, and I found everything I set out for, (except M38, but that was my fault).

Found Albireo and the Pleiades, which both Wife, Kids and I thought were quite stunning. Then they sought the indoors, and left me to look at M42 and the moon by myself. By 11pm, a haze was setting in, so I headed inside.

Anyway, I'm glad I found the positive reviews of the Starblast. Granted, I'm a novice, but it seems to be nicely made, and is certainly a nice step up from my binoculars.

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