Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jack Johnson and Curious George

Okay, I have a new favorite album. It's the Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson, that I got off of the iTunes Music Store. We got Curious George off of over Thanksgiving weekend, and I watched it with Daughter several times, and really liked the music, so I figured I'd look for the soundtrack. And after listening to the preview on iTunes, I picked out 10 of the 14 tracks. (Yeah, I skipped a couple of the songs that were just plain kid songs.)

But the rest of them are just awesome. Upside Down has just the most wonderful attitude, Talk of the Town as well, and Jungle Gym is just plain fun, reminding me of how much fun it was to be a kid in the city. We're Going to be Friends is the theme song to another movie, Napolean Dynamite, that I just love, but I never really listened to it until I bought it, and it's just wonderful, wholesome and innocent. And all of the songs have this gentle, relaxing, "what I used to like about Simon and Garfunkel when I wasn't listening to the lyrics" feel to them.

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