Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dog's Bedtime

On night #1, we let Dog sleep in our room, and with the door open, he pretty much had the run of the house. On night #2, we crated him, as a) previous owners assured us this was how he always slept, and b) on night #1, he places a couple of piles at the foot of the stairs overnight.

So on night #3, we were planning to crate him again. Wife and I finished a bit of TV watching, I took Dog out for a final walk, came back in, unhooked the collar and started moving toward the crate. In a flash, Dog understood this, and bolted upstairs, ending up in Son's room, sitting at the foot of Son's bed. "I'll sleep in here, if it's okay with you, Dad" was the look on his face.

I move him off of Son's bed, and he runs in and hops up on ours. "Well, okay, Dad, I'll sleep in here with you, if that's what you want." No, Dog, I want you in your crate. I carry him downstairs, set him down in front of the crate, and he circles around behind Wife. A couple more bits of coaxing, and he finally goes in.

I'm seeing that the words "dumb dog" will probably never be uttered in our house.

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