Monday, February 20, 2006

Bringing Home Baxter

Well, we went and did it. We got ourselves a dog. A coworker's sister-in-law was looking for a good home for him, and decided that we're it. It's the first dog that either Wife or I have either one of us had, so it'll be an adventure.

He's fairly energetic, (although not quite as much as I was anticipating). When we got him home, he tore through the house, finding all of the kids' toys we had missed cleaning up, and chewing up several (although fortunately, since we were watching him quite closely, they were all ones we didn't mind him having). He also ripped through the fake bone you seen in the picture.

He's two years old, which means (hopefully) that he's past the worst of the puppy stage. He's both housetrained and cratetrained, which help, too. Of course, we did find a couple of piles in the house yesterday morning, after his first night with us, which we have attributed to his being left out of the crate and in a new place, but last night we crated him, and it went fine.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to post on this in the days to come. It's gonna be fun.

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