Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye, Baxter

After a week with our new dog, Baxter, we came to the conclusion that we're not dog owners. Dog lovers, yes, without a doubt, but not owners. Yesterday we took him back to his previous owner.

As dogs go, Baxter is an awesome dog. Quite smart, as I had mentioned, loads of fun, and very patient with Daughter (who loved carrying him around, awkwardly, and was trying to teach him to dance). But having him changed our routine and home-life in ways we weren't expecting, and wouldn't enjoy even after settling in.

Needless to say, all four of us are rather sad about this. Son woke up crying this morning, and Wife was pretty upset yesterday, too. I shed my tears as I took him back. Broken hearts will mend, but doing so isn't much fun.

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