Saturday, July 16, 2005

Reviving My Old Blog

I had blogged fairly regularly from 2002 through the start of 2004, wandered off for a while, then came back to it and fired things up here. I even started pulling some of my old posts into this blog (which is why you see 2002 and 2003 history in the sidebar on the left there).

But today, I installed Blosxom (my old blog software) on my home server, and reinstated my old blog. The plan at this point is to see how much work it would be to at least copy entries from here to there, as Blosxom makes it really easy to categorize posts (which is nice when your brain is as scattered as mine is). For the time being, though, I'll still be posting here first.

(I mention this as much to tell Google to index my old blog as anything else.)

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