Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

Wife rented Napoleon Dynamite recently. I thought it was pretty flippin' hysterical. Gosh! (Yes, that's a movie reference.)

I'm really searching for why I liked it so much. Part of it might have been that I've finally found someone that I'm more cool than.

A while back, Wife had me sit down and watch Lucas with her. I really didn't like it. I was Lucas. I didn't need to sit through all of that for two more hours, having lived it for at least 6 years. But watching Napoleon Dynamite was just the opposite of that. It was surreal enough, and Napoleon was likeable enough, that even when I did identify with him, it was hilarious, not painful.

To be honest, many folks won't like this one at all. It is weird, to be sure. And saying that I loved it probably tells you more about me and my sense of humor that you wanted to know. But I kept laughing for at least half an hour after the movie was over, and I sure am glad I got to see it.


Amos VanHorn said...

I had the same experience - kind of an identification with much of it - the optional director's commentary that plays over the movie is highly recommended if you're interested in the funny things that happen during the making of a low-budget movie.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that movie does seem to sum both of you up quite nicely.