Monday, July 11, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

Spent the weekend watching Hurricane Dennis. As before mentioned, my parents and grandmothers are in Pensacola, hence my special interest.

I'll just echo what apparently everyone in NW FL and S AL are saying: "Nothing like Ivan, nothing like Ivan, ..." I got a call from my parents around 4:30pm EDT, saying that the worst had passed in less than 2 hours, and while there was damage to soffits and such, no shingles were missing, no leaks could be found, and no big trees were down. (They lost 4 trees to Ivan.) Here's hoping most everyone else got through as well.

Now then, let's just stop the storms for another 10 years, shall we?

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Amos VanHorn said...

I sat with baited breath, candles at the ready, tea-lights strategically layed out in rank and file on the window sill, fireplace lighter clicking nervously in my hand. Thankfully, nothing happened.