Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ivan, Part III

Spent the morning putting all the brush piles where they should have been, and continuing on the first tree.

Late morning, mom's former housekeeper, Melissa, along with husband Chris and parents Dale and Julie (I hope that's her name) came down, with two pickups, more chainsaws and a 4-wheeler, and made light work of the rest of the trees and assorted other stuff that needed taking out to the curb. (I say "light work"; we worked until 4:00-ish, and quit very tired, but if it had been just me, I'd have been there till Friday.)

They were all quite Southern, with Chris being the least so, and Dale the most. Dale had his "American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God" plate on the front of his Chevy, and loads of Southern-isms that I wish I'd had paper to write them all down to blog. He could wield a chainsaw, too; he seemed fairly reckless, but given that he has all of his limbs and appendages, I'd guess that he's got the skill to back it up, too. Wonderful folks, and great working alongside them as well.

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