Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Back Home

Drove home after cleaning myself up a bit. It's about a 4 hour drive, and fairly uneventful. One odd thing: apparently I-10 thru-traffic is being detoured through Milton on US-90, up US-29 and AL-113, and back down I-65 to Mobile. What this means to Pensacolians is that 9 Mile Road (US-90) is plugged solid. (I'm guessing, as I wasn't brave enough to actually go down there to see.) But overflow traffic up to 10 Mile Road (don't laugh, that's its name) caused the first-ever traffic jam on that road. In 20 years of driving up there, I've never seen so many cars, and had to wait several light cycles to get through both Chemstrand Rd. and to turn onto US-29 to come home.

One other thing about the trip: I listened to several chapters of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, as found on Project Gutenberg's audiobook list. I got some CD-RW's, and burned several chapters of that book, along with an episode of This Week in Amateur Radio, and took them with. I'm really liking this audiobook thing, especially the free ones, and expect to work my way through what Gutenberg's got.

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