Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Catching Up

Well, got to sleep in, which my muscles (such as they are) sorely (!) needed. Wife is so good to me.

Caught up on my blogreading. I really do love BlogLines, as they held days of Slashdot and The Register with nary a complaint, and let me catch up as I could. Of course, I'm already thinking about switching some of my political blogs to some with lower volumes; it's hard to skip a day, or even an afternoon.

I had been thinking on my drive home yesterday that I'm going to want something to make doing this audio thing easier, and also thinking that I'd love to find other programs like TWIAR that fit my interests. What I found was truly exciting.

Seems like Adam Curry (of 80's MTV fame) has a blog and an audioblog, and had a link (I think) to this post by Doc Searles on combining audio with RSS and an automatic download and push to one's iPod, and calling it Podcasting (or PODcasting as the case may be). Of course, now I need an iPod, or at least a car MP3 player, but this just has me jazzed.

So I burned a new set of 5 CD-RW's for the next week of commuting, and slept with visions of meaningful, relevant audio playing in my car (which I didn't have before).

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