Tuesday, September 24, 2002


Another old favorite, and currently at the top of my favorites list:


This is a football movie, sort of. Well, it's about a guy who wants to play football for Notre Dame more than anything else. He's determined to do it. Not much else matters. Including the fact that he has little athletic ability and doesn't have the grades to get into college.

This is the story about how he makes it happen. It's a true story, and is highly inspirational. As I mentioned recently in another blog post, it's not like I'm a huge football fan. But this movie deals with the pursuit of excellence, and the pursuit of goals and dreams, and is just great stuff.

Acting-wise, Sean Astin does a great job as Rudy, as do the other actors. From a "what's not to like" standpoint, mild profanity and some alcohol consumption is about it. We had wanted to show this to the young men at church a few years back, but decided against it for just those reasons.

I asked Mrs. Frank how she'd rate Rudy, and she doesn't really remember it that well, although she saw it awhile back. So I'll give it both of my thumbs up, and once I get the DVD, (and I will be getting the DVD), I'll let her watch it and let her give her thumbs-up at that time.

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