Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Okay, I'm a wee bit of a Bruce Willis fan. He's got a really good sense of timing, and a great comedic sense as well. So I figured this wouldn't be too bad of a flick to try out. I wasn't familiar with Kate Blanchette or that other guy, Billy Bob Thornton, was it?

Turns out this was a very wierd, offbeat and charming movie. Hmm. Maybe charming isn't quite the right word, but anyway, it was fascinating.

Bruce and Billy Bob are a couple of escaped convicts who rob banks. And they're the good guys. The movie is full of semi-surreal twists and turns, and it really keeps you guessing. This movie follows absolutely no standard movie pattern that I know of, and is certainly worth a rental if you're interested in something off the wall.

What's not to like? Some violence, some profanity, some alcohol. Worst is the sexual content, via the relationship between Bruce and Kate, and Billy Bob and Kate. That, plus the fact that Kate's married to some schmuck who she's left. Not a good picture of chastity or fidelity.

Overall, I won't be buying a copy, and I'm not sure if I'll be watching it on TV if it ever comes on, but I suppose we'll both be giving it a somewhat odd thumbs up, if only for uniqueness.

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