Thursday, September 26, 2002

Monsters, Inc.

New on DVD, it's Monsters, Inc. We picked it up yesterday whilst at the store, and watched it with the kids yesterday afternoon. One funny movie.

The idea is that there is a separate world populated by monsters, joined to our world at our closets. Monsters come into our world via the closet doors to collect screams from our kids. These screams provide the monster cities, (like Monstropolis, where this movie takes place), with power. Cute concept. The movie chronicles an adventure in the lives of Mike and Sully, the latter a top scarer at Monsters, Inc., the "power company", and Mike, his diminutive assistant.

From an animation perspective, MI is incredible. The monsters are very well done, and the detail is just delightful. Makes me want to become an animator every time I watch it. MI was created by Pixar studios, who also did Toy Story I and II, so you know it's done well.

From a story perspective, MI is great as well. There are twists and turns, and clever and humorous side stories. There are "in" jokes a-plenty, (such as the restaurant where they have dinner, Harry Hausen's). And loads of action and adventure.

This one would have made it into the Frank Family Collection even without our kids' assistance, but with kids, it's a must have. Two, no, make that four Frank family thumbs way up.

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