Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Ocean's Eleven (the original)

Okay, after last night's viewing of the recent OE, and Red's statement that he liked the original better than the new one, we rented the 60's OE. <sigh> Granted, it was from a different time, with different styles in moviemaking and in (speach and dress) fashion. And also, granted that we saw the new one first, and that we'd never seen the original.

But it stank.

It spent half of the film just gathering the people together, and unless you knew everyone beforehand (it was a RatPack movie), it was hard for me to keep track of who was who. And the guy with the foreign accent? I never really figured out who he was, aside from bad comic relief.

Anything to like? Well, Red's subjected me/us to enough of the soundtrack that I actually have started liking some of the music, (don't tell him I said that), and sang along with a couple of them, (to the surprise and amusement of Mrs. F). And there were a few humorous lines in the mix, (including one about how Sammy Davis Jr. takes off his face paint).

Other things not to like? It's a 60's hip film, which of course means that everyone smokes and drinks, and the film is proud to show you that. (As opposed to the new OE, where I'm sure folks were drinking (i.e. Julia Roberts had a glass of wine, IIRC, but it's much more low key.) Otherwise, it's just a 60's film.

Even with the moments of amusement, Mr. and Mrs. Frank give it two thumbs down.

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