Monday, August 19, 2002


Well, I guess maybe it's about time to add a new topic. This'll be for me to blather on about movies that I have seen. I suppose over time I'll go back and talk about some of my favorites, but at the moment, I'll stick to what I've just seen. As we're still in our crowded, filthy little townhouse, awaiting the completion of our new home, and haven't bothered to have the satellite dish installed, we're without television. (Hurrah!) (Oh, wait, that means no Discovery Channel or Weather Channel, or Nick or Cartoon Network. <sigh>)

So we've been hanging out at the local Blockbuster, renting movies for our evening's entertainment. Which leads us to today's Movies entry.

Ocean's Eleven (the recent one)

What a good flick! Perhaps not classic material, (but then again maybe), but certainly worth a rental. Mrs. F watched it twice (once without me, and once with), and enjoyed it again the second time. Full of enjoyable slickness and likeable characters. And nothing like the original Ocean's Eleven (which we'll get to later).

The behind-the-scenes folks did a great job of it as well (i.e. the director, editor, sound guys, etc.). I say this, as a couple of times, once the action got going, I had to pause the tape to catch my breath and calm down. Not that it was very intense, it just kept you on the edge of your seat as things unfolded.

Anything not to like? Well, it was kind of interesting that the good guys in the film are thieves, although the bad guy was a casino owner, and apparently a mafia guy as well (cliche: aren't they all?). Otherwise, nothing too objectionable; nobody slept with anyone (a rarity these days, it would seem), not much profanity that I recall, and no gratuitous violence.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank give it two thumbs up!

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