Monday, April 05, 2010

Dell Fail

This is a gripe post, about Dell. The short of it: I'm not going to buy anything from Dell again.

The (hopefully not too) long of it: For Christmas, I bought two laptops. I ordered them from Dell, via their online sales chat interface. The salesman offered me a deal where if I got the two laptops, I'd get Windows 7 free for them, as an upgrade. I said okay, a couple of weeks later got the laptops, and went to the link to upgrade, where I was told that my laptops didn't qualify for the free upgrade.

I called Dell several times, talking to various support-folk and managers, and they basically all said "too bad, so sad, don't care, goodbye". (Except for the girl in sales that I talked to, who was much more friendly, and actually apologized that she couldn't be of more help.) That the original salesdude screwed up is understandable; it happens. That nobody could be bothered to look up the chat transcript (after repeated requests from me to do so) to see that it was promised, and make it right, is just a sad way to treat customers.

So yeah, no more Dell for me. Caveat Emptor.

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Cindy Dadabo said...

You don't know me from Adam, but I wanted to tell you that the same thing happened to me. You are not alone in your dislike for Dell, I got absolutely no help from them when I was promised the upgrade either. I just finally gave up after 2 months of trying; I must have spoken to 10 different managers and countless personnel.