Monday, October 08, 2007

The Tyranny of Lists

I've noticed a pattern with me and lists. If I have a bunch of things to do, I'll make a list. So far, so good. It helps me get it all out of my head, so I'm not spending so much energy trying to remember things, and gives me that energy to focus on doing.

But then I'll do the first things (i.e. the most interesting things) on the list, and the remainder will sit idle for weeks/months/until I lose the list. I've noticed that the longer it sits on the list, regardless of how worthwhile it is, the less I want to do it, (or perhaps, the more I feel like I'm being nagged by it).

So I'm trying something new. First thing in the morning, I'm making a list of what I want to do that day. If there's something truly important that doesn't get done, it can be carried over to the next day, otherwise I just erase the list at day's end, and start over. So far, it's been great to have a fresh start every day, and it's been nice to spend a few minutes thinking about what I really want to do with the day.

Tools are meant to serve us, not us serve them. Harumph!

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