Thursday, October 11, 2007


Okay, so I have a zillion hobbies. Back a month or so ago, Wife wanted a new, smaller camera, and I went through a hobby-du-jour moment of wanting to take pictures. I put it off, as I have these moments fairly frequently, but as the topic persisted around our home, I had something come to mind.

I had been perusing photo groups on, and had found one called Project365. The idea is that you take one (or more) picture(s) a day, and post it to this group, every day, for a year. No more and no less than one picture from each calendar day, no taking 7 pictures today and uploading them one at a time for the next week.

It was an approach that I'd never really tried before. Taking one picture takes mere seconds (if you have the camera in hand, or a minute maybe if you don't). Knowing that you can only post one picture means you have *zero* incentive to take all of the neat pictures you can think of, because you can only post one from a given day's shooting. You have to spread it out over a long time.

So I'm currently somewhere around 40 days into this. It's been an interesting process, and I'm learning some interesting things (which I'll post shortly). And 365, here I come.

(My photo page, FWIW, is here.)

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outsi said...

really cool pictures!!!