Wednesday, January 18, 2006


We went to Ikea over my Christmas vacation. First, let me say that Ikea is neat stuff. It's good quality furniture, in a nice store. You get to put it together yourself, usually, but it's not usually a problem, and for a simple afternoon project, it can be pretty fun.

But a few things made this trip different.

First, we didn't just get one item. We got five. By the time I was finished putting them all together, I was all funned out.

Second, picking out that many items wore me and kids out. Wife just keeps on going; must be a gender thing. Then we get to pull all of the items from the shelves. More weariness. Then stand in line, for maybe half an hour (although at this point it seemed much longer, as you can imagine).

Only to get up to the register and be told that we were missing some boxes. In all of my previous Ikea shopping experiences, everything came in one box. Seems this time, three of our selections were in two boxes each. Back to the shelves, fill another cart with heavy boxes, back to the line, another half-hour-that-seemed-much-longer.

Third. We did think to bring the van, but were a bit optimistic about how much would fit in it. Suffice it to say, we got it all in, but for a while, I was wondering if we would need for Son to ride up on top.

Fourth, we got home, and found that the first piece we wanted to put together, a new bed for Son, was missing the hardware and instructions. Called Ikea, and a very nice and helpful person said that they'd mail it out to us in a week to 10 days. Harumph. They were right, too. It took a week. Emailed us the instructions as a PDF, though. Pretty neat.

After all this, I am still an Ikea fan, but I'm certainly hoping to not do that again anytime soon. Whew.

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