Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Drop Trio - Cezanne

If I had never heard any Drop Trio before, I'd say this is a really cool album. Not quite my style of jazz (a little too adventuresome for my tastes), but very well played, and lots of fun.

The problem is, their first album (Big Dipper) is now one of my current top ten favorite albums. I've listened to it probably at least once a week since I heard/bought it (I heard it; moments later I bought it). So I was hoping for more of the same, or at least something similar.

Seems like Cezanne is a live album with covers of several Big Dipper tracks, as well as some new cuts. And while Big Dipper is a Rhodes-and-Hammond release, Cezanne is largely piano with some R&H and other synth work in places.

I was hoping for Big Dipper, Part 2, and have to be satisfied with an album that's merely very good. Heavy sigh.

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