Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ruthless Pruning

I've felt lately like I've been spinning my wheels a bit. Gotten frustrated that I feel like I'm doing way too much and getting nowhere at any of it. So Friday, I decided to "take the day off". I came to work, as usual, but determined that I would leave my email off, avoid breaks to look at various pursuits I'm interested in (i.e. bloglines.com, del.icio.us, etc.), and just make it a light, pursuit-free day.

The results were amazing. I was vastly more relaxed than I've been in a long while, and while I never really intended to "focus hard on work", I was more productive than I've been lately, too.

So over the weekend, and today, I went through my RSS feeds in bloglines, my "daily" list in del.icio.us, and my podcast subscriptions, and whacked them to bits. I'm down to 35 RSS/podcast feeds for the first time in ages (from a high in the upper 60's), and I'm going to avoid del.icio.us for a while.

Liberation! Man, it feels good to be free! (Now let's see how long this lasts...)


Rob said...

Did you prune me? I'm not even on your BlogRoll... :(

djaquay said...

Start a blog, and I'll link to it; those are the ones I'm keeping... (I had dropped Bud and Emilia awhile back, after several months of inactivity; I figured it was dead after everyone got canned.)