Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Big Fish

When I mentioned in a staff meeting that I had seen Big Fish, everyone who had seen it raved about it, (including myself). It's about a guy and his dad; the dad has spent his life telling these wonderfully elaborate stories about his life, which the son assumes to be pure fiction. As the movie unfolds, the son finds out more about what's fiction and what isn't, and finally gets to know his father.

I have to say that while I loved the movie, the son's character didn't do much for me. Other than that, the fantasy aspects were wonderful, and the people you meet were delightful. An added bonus for me is that it was set in the South, which tugs at a part of who I am.

Interestingly, it's a Tim Burton film, but not nearly so strong visually as many of his other films. At the same time, it was exactly what it should have been, and as I've said, very enjoyable as a result.

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Rob said...

The author, Daniel Wallace, was born in Birmingham and spent his summers at his grandparents in Cullman, Alabama. His new book, Watermelon King is based on Cullman.