Thursday, September 29, 2005


Went on a road trip for business, and without a laptop, had to make do with the only machine they had available at the time. It was a Win98 box, running at a resolution of 640x480, and 256 colors. It was painful! I remember 256 colors as being pretty neat back when it was a step up from 16, but when it's a step down from 16- or 32-bit true color, well, ouch.

Of course, the small resolution was painful as well, especially when viewing websites. Gmail pretty much assumes 800x600, and nobody that I know of even runs that small any longer (except for that one box at one of our clients, that is). To their credit, the rest of their machines are much newer, with nice flat panel displays, etc.

Good thing I kept busy with other things, and didn't need to use it much...

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