Monday, August 01, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Took Son and Daughter to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over the weekend. The previews made it look odd in a way that I wasn't really all that interested in. But the kids wanted to see it, and my task for the weekend (last Thursday through last Saturday, actually) was to give Wife a break, and the movie would occupy a nice chunk of time, so away we went.

Turns out, I really enjoyed it. Visually, it was as odd and as awesome as you'd expect from Tim Burton. The story followed the original movie quite closely, (and, I would assume, the book, although I never read it), but added a good bit of additional detail as well. In particular, you get to learn a good bit more about Willy himself, which was neat.

And it was hilarious, too. My kids liked it a lot, (the glass elevator bits and the whipped cream had Son rolling in the aisles), but there was a lot of subtle humor in it, too, (like apes reaching for a chocolate-bar obelisk, 2001-style). (There was a fellow geek sitting the the row in front of us that I talked to before the show; at times, he and I were the only ones in the theatre laughing...)

I can easily see us getting this one on DVD when it comes out, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again in the theatre as well. Good flick.

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