Monday, February 07, 2005

Sent 100 Copies of Free Culture via BT

I've written before about how cool BitTorrent is. I've written before about Lawrence Lessig's book Free Culture. Free Culture is available via BT, which means that kind folks (like me) can help seed it.

This blog entry is to commemorate the fact that over the weekend, I sent out enough parts of the Free Culture PDF to amount to 100 copies of the book. (And that's not including the parts I sent out while I was running Azureus, my BT client, on Linux, for a week or two.)

And, in fact, I've pretty much stopped my BT downloading frenzy, (having completed my collection of Muppet Show and MST3K episodes), and have turned to seeding MST3K, Free Culture (PDF and audiobook), Gentoo and PostgreSQL. Wife rolled her eyes at me recently when I said that I've been having more fun leeching and seeding BT that I have been watching what I've pulled down.

I guess I'm just a geek. (But I guess you knew that, though.)

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