Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dressing Warm

For the past week or so, it's been freezing. Literally, below zero. Pretty darn cool, in more ways than one. Yeah, I like cold weather.

This past week, though, with lows below 10F, and highs either not breaking or barely breaking 32F, I was dreading pumping gas, shoveling snow, etc. In the past, I was either lucky (it'd snow, then go up to 35-40F when I needed to shovel), or I'd freeze my buns off (while pumping gas, usually). Even though I've lived in PA for a total of seven years or so, I've just lately figured out how to dress warmly.


I've been starting by wearing sweatpants under my slacks for work, which works wonders at keeping my legs warm. And keeping my legs warm means warmer blood flowing into my feet, making for warmer feet as well. I've also been wearing a sweatshirt over my casual shirt and under my coat, while outside.

Yes, this is a bit mundane, but it's been nice not having to warm up when I come inside from the cold; in fact, when I was clearing the snow from this past weekend, I was actually dressed too warmly, and needed to cool off when I came in, and wear less when I went outside after dinner to finish.

And probably the most important reason for doing this is the idea that if my car breaks down, and I have to walk any distance at all, dressing this way makes it possible; dressing the old, growing-up-in-Florida way makes it quite dangerous.

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