Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Meet the Parents

Hmm. Okay, Wife saw this on TV, and said I just had to watch it. So I rented it, and didn't particularly enjoy it. It had amusing moments, I suppose, but was full of a couple of things I didn't like. First was the moral things. The guy's name was "Focker", which led to plenty of easily imaginable off-color jokes. He and his girlfriend, of course, lived together, and the movie made light of the dad's potential displeasure about that fact. And drinking and smoking, etc.

Second, though, was the fact that much of the humor in the movie was generated by the guy's feeling way out of place in the whole "meeting the parents" situation. Being a geek, I've felt his pain way too many times already, and it wasn't all that much fun being reminded of all those situations.

So while there were a few good laughs ("Voight backwards on her forehead" still gets me chuckling, but that was probably the best line in the movie), I'd just as soon forget the whole thing. Probably tells you more about my own problems than about the movie, eh?

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