Monday, June 07, 2004

Taking Taekwondo, Yellow Belt Testing

Well, I started taking Taekwondo a couple of months ago. I should probably say "again", since I took it for about 6 months in college, but that was too many moons ago.

I wanted to say above that it was too long ago, and that I've forgotten everything, but two things make that last bit not true. 1) My son, Son (not his real name) has been taking it for the past year, and watching him and working with him on things has brought much of it back to mind, and 2) I really didn't forget it all. Muscle memory seems to be a real thing. I'm nowhere near as awkward and uncoordinated this time around as I was last time. Last time, I remember not being able to move my hand and foot at the same time; this time, things are fairly fluid, and my instructors realized in short order that I've done this before.

Anyway, Friday night I tested for my yellow belt. I won't get the results until next Monday's awards ceremony, but it's pretty hard to not pass testing as a white belt. The form is 14 simple moves, and it seems that they just want to see that you can move somewhere close to how they tell you. Crisp and sharp is nice, but not exactly required at this stage. (Next year, different story, though.) Testing was at the school, to make things simple and less intimidating.

Son tested for his purple belt on Saturday, which seemed to go fine. He's not as crisp and sharp as some, but better than others. He's not too athletic or agressive, which doesn't help, but he tries hard, which does. His testing was at Boutwell Auditorium, (downtown), and was vastly busier than my testing, but fun just the same.

My daughter, Daughter, came with, while my wife, Wife (not their real names, either), stayed home. Daughter and I had fun, and I know Wife did, being sans kids for a couple of hours.

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