Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Sixth Sense

Time to go back a tiny bit and talk about a really neat (and slightly disturbing) movie with one heck of an ending.

Sixth Sense

I already mentioned being a Bruce Willis fan; he was really good in Sixth Sense, while not being much at all like what I've seen him in before. At the start of the movie, Willis' character, a psychologist, gets shot by a former patient that Willis couldn't help; (the patient then shoots himself). Throughout the rest of the film, this plagues him, as he meets a boy with many of the same symptoms and problems as the earlier patient, and tries to help him. And sadly, his problems reaching the boy distances him from his wife. Literally and figuratively, Sixth Sense is a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing all the way through.

One of the boy's main symptoms is that he sees and talks to dead people. This presents some disturbing scenes, as the dead folks didn't always die peacefully in their sleep, if you know what I mean (which is most of the content not to like). But despite that, I'll certainly recommend this as a movie to see at least once, if you're not too squeamish (i.e. my dear mom shouldn't see this one, but my dad would probably like it). It probably won't end up on my shelf, because even though it's very well done, it doesn't quite have the repeat power (for me, anyway) of movies like Jaws, Raiders, etc., that you can watch anytime they're on. Still, two thumbs up on this one.

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