Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Belief Systems, Eponyms (Magnatune.com, Electronica)

First, the bad stuff. The whole album has what I consider a dance beat to it. Each song has its own unique drum track, but that track is fairly constant throughout the whole track. This is purely a matter of taste, but I don't like it. Regardless of the style, if it's that constant through a 6-8 minute track, it's annoying. IMNSHO. The album blurb said "minimal techno", so maybe I should just avoid techno. (The last track, Skunk Werks, is a possible exception, as the percussion is more low-key than the rest.)

Anyway, having said that, the other aspects of it were quite enjoyable. (Perhaps that's the "minimal" part of it.) Not knowing the lingo, I'm not sure how to describe it, but it was fairly appealing, musically. Everything was put together quite well, and it all fit as a whole. (I can certainly see how/why it got accepted by the Magnatune.) If you don't mind dance beat, give it a try.

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