Tuesday, April 01, 2003


In my ADD readings, I've seen people mention the benefits of meditation to ADDers. This reminded me of the week or two I spent pursuing Zen several years back. At the time, I liked spending time meditating, but as is typical in my life, I "don't have time" for it.

In Zen, (from what I've read), the first stage of meditating is to simply sit still and count your breaths, while not thinking about anything else. Thoughts are bound to pop into your head while you do this, (they certainly do mine), but you just let go of them, and go back to breathing.

Well, I'm trying something now, and it really seems to be working well, for the few days I've been doing it. What I've done is set my wristwatch to beep on the hour. When it does, if I'm in a position to do so, (i.e. not in a meeting or conversation), I stop, close my eyes, and "meditate" (count breaths) for 10 breaths. Especially if my mind had been racing, when I stop and open my eyes, I feel greatly more relaxed and able to focus on whatever it is I either was doing or, in many cases, should have been doing.

It's a little thing, but out of little things are great things brought to pass, right?

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