Saturday, August 24, 2002


Movies - Alright, not a new movie, but a good one just the same.


This is one that I'll watch just about anytime it comes onto TV, (which for a while there was about once a week). As with most really good movies, this one has terrific characters. I confess I don't really care too much for the "big fish eating people" parts of the movie, although they do add a bit of tension and drama. But the people are just terrific, and the way they are developed and portrayed (and filmed, too, terrific filming there) are wonderful.

(Guess you can tell I like this one, eh?)

What's not to like? It's a 70's flick, so while the wholesale promotion of liquor and tobacco are gone, various characters still drink and smoke. But while you'd think that it would be a violent movie, it really wasn't so much. (I understand that actually had to do with a malfunctioning mechanical shark; as the shark was frequently on the fritz, they had to do several scenes without it, and in my opinion and that of critics, the film was better for it.)

Anyway, this one's going into my DVD collection at some point in the fairly near future, and I quite recommend it.

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