Friday, August 23, 2002

The Fugitive

Another one out of our collection:

The Fugitive

Not sure when it started, but not too far back, Hollywood fell in love with remaking old TV shows. Not sure if this one started the craze, but IIRC it was one of the first, and quite well done.

Of course, it has two great actors for leads, with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, both of whom are just so stinkin' likeable as to make just about anything that they're in worth watching. (Yes, Skippy, even Star Wars.)

The Fugitive also has one incredible train wreck. Not a model wreck, or too much in the way of special effects, they actually went up to NC, onto the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, and ran a locomotive shell "off the tracks". I put that in quotes, as they actually buried other tracks under a few feet of dirt, and let the locomotive plow through it; watch the movie, you'll know the part when you see it.

Anyway, trains aside, the movie itself is quite well done, with a good story and acting, good suspense, good chase scenes, and everything.

What's not to like? Profanity and violence, enough to get the PG rating.

It's in our collection, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank give it two thumbs up.

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