Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What I'm Learning

There's a zen saying that from one thing, you can learn 10,000 things. Here are some non-photographic things I'm learning from photography:

I will run out of ideas. I will also get more.

Newness wears off, but there's still joy to be had in the doing. More joy, potentially, than exists in the newness.

The simple things you do at the beginning don't really box you into one certain path. In fact, nobody really pays attention to the simple things you do at the beginning.

It might take more than a minute's thought. Corollary: there's always another way to do it. The sweetest fruit isn't necessarily the low-hanging fruit, and you're not going to jump to the top of the tree in one bounce.

Don't be afraid to copy (other's ideas, anyway). In fact, this is probably the best way to get going.

Similarly, from cycling:

No pain doesn't mean no gain. It might mean slower gain (or not), but might mean I'll stay with it, too.

Enjoy the doing. You'll never get anywhere, let alone get to all the fun places those with experience seem to be, if you don't enjoy the doing along the way.

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