Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lost Weight!

Okay, I've mentioned this everywhere else I live online, might as well do a recap here. As of this morning, I'm at my goal weight of 180#. (I was 179.5# on Monday, but it bounces around day by day, as you'd expect.)

The grand total is 35 pounds off, from 214 on Jan 2, 2003 to 179, four and a half years later. The last 10 pounds or so came off over the summer, as a result of continuing low-carb and doing more with cycling several times a week. As far as low-carb goes, I continue to love eating this way, and when I eat more carbs (i.e. that pizza lunch earlier this week), I feel it for a day afterwards, and it feels bad. Call it the carbs, call it a mild wheat allergy, however you look at it, I'm perfectly happy to avoid large amounts of carbs.

Having the weight off feels great, too. I certainly feel more energy now versus 2003, when I had trouble going up a full flight of stairs without feeling it, (and heaven help me if I was carrying my then-3-yr-old while climbing). I'm not Mr. Macho now, but it feels great to be in better shape.

Of course, now comes the challenge of keeping it off. My new goal is to be at 180# (or a little less) on 1/1/2008, i.e. make it through the holidays. I'm thinking that if I keep doing what I've been doing, but just add a little snack mid-afternoon or at bedtime, I should be able to stop losing weight, and keep where I am. Regardless, I want to keep paying attention to it, and keep exercising. (That'll be the hardest, as winter approaches, and I'd rather be riding outside than exercising in the basement.)

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