Monday, September 11, 2006

Hawk Mountain

Took Son and Daughter up to Hawk Mountain this past weekend, and had a very nice time. We got up there about 2pm, went through the visitors center, then hiked up the trail.

The first half of the trail was nice, smooth and wide, and had three or four overlooks with wonderful views of the valley. The first overlook, South Overlook, even had a wheelchair accessible pad with a great view as well, (the others required climbing up on large rocks).

The second half of the trail, leading up to the north overlook, was a tiny bit more challenging. Nothing that Daughter (5) couldn't handle, although she doesn't really pay attention to where she's walking, and tripped a few times. Son, 9, had no problems at all, though, and both of them loved it and want to go back real soon.

As far as the birds were concerned, it wasn't that great of a day. We saw a couple of turkey vultures, an osprey and a bald eagle. At least, that's what more experienced birders around us were calling them. The bald eagle, to my eye, didn't have the white head, but then it may have just been the lighting or something. Didn't see any hawks, which Son thought was odd. In a few weeks, the air is supposed to get just thick with birds, and apparently, when the wind is out of the NW, they come out in larger groups.

We're hoping to go back up there in a week or two, and see more birds and maybe some fall colors, too. Very much worth the trip.

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