Monday, May 29, 2006

How I'm Gonna Play (Around) (Part 1)

So here's my new approach to learning to play keyboards. The emphasis is on play.

First: Play needs to mean play around, not be a slave to a book/teacher. Seriously, my approach in the past was to try to recreate what was in the book, without mistakes; for me, this is messed up. My first thought needs to be: what fun can I have with this instrument.

Example: This morning, Kids and I watched a Looney Tunes DVD we got off Netflix. So with the Looney Tunes theme fresh in my head, the first thing I did when I sat down at the keyboard was to pick out that theme. Kids had come down with me, and were suitably amused that I could play the LT theme (even though I was only doing so with one finger). (If you're curious, it starts off EDCDEDECDDDD..., as I was playing it, anyway.) It was fun, and it wasn't in any book.

So the goal is to just have fun, and when I tell anyone I'm gonna go play, I should be thinking play around.

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