Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Should Companies Care What We Think?

Yet another wonderful example of how people gathering together on the net are making a difference recently came across the O'Reilly Radar blog. In short, a guy put together some posts on his blog detailing how to bypass the menus and talk to a human at a few companies. It got so popular that he turned it into a full-fledged website,, and is accepting info from collaborators.

The article discusses why such a site is necessary. From the article: "In an era of fierce competition, when customers have more choices than ever, the toughest business challenge isn't to keep expenses down. It's to keep loyalty high." Amen to that. I love to be loyal to companies. I look for reasons to be loyal. And I'll pay at least a little extra to do business with folks I like/respect/etc. They should get wise to that.

Quite a nice read.

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