Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting TV Series from Netflix

One thing we've been doing lately has been getting a TV series from Netflix. They've got a good selection of TV shows on DVD, and it's a good way to catch up on some shows we never saw (as we haven't had broadcast channels for the past few years). And without commercials, too.

The problem is this: sometimes, there's a "short wait" status on the show we're watching, and we'd rather have Netflix wait a day, and send us the next in the series, rather than skip it and send us the next movie in our queue. (Netflix is good enough not to send us, say, disc 4 until we've seen disc 3, but they will skip to the next movie in-queue, which, if we're engrossed in one show, may not be what we want.)

Our solution: set up a new profile, and only put that season of that show into the queue. This way, they've got nothing else to send us until that next disc comes available. In our case, we already had a "parents" and a "kids" profile, so we just took the allowable movies assigned to "parents" and put them on the new "tv" queue. Worked like a charm. The "parents" queue is still out there for when we finish the series and want to go back to movies for a while.

Of course, if the status went to "long wait" for some reason, we'd probably switch back to the regular way of doing things, but for now, it's quite nice.

Now if we could just stop watching cliffhanger TV shows...

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