Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog Comments

Since I started my blog on Blogger/BlogSpot, I've had comments turned on. Here's a few thoughts on what I've gotten so far:

  • I like the way friends (hi Rob, hi Amos, hi Crazy Indian) can add comments, even if they do so anonymously. Even got one from a friend (hi Paul) I haven't heard from in ages.
  • I've gotten more thanks for my Camry post than I ever expected. (You're all quite welcome, btw.)
  • Link spam is evil. I've removed several, one of which arrived mere seconds after I posted yesterday's entry. (I'm guessing somebody has a bot that spams recent posts...) As I get comments emailed to me, and as I check my email regularly, I know when I get spammed, and clean them up post haste. But they're still evil!
  • Occasionally, the comments can be quite informative. An anonymous comment recently from "Frenchy" mentioned flickr.com (which I knew about already, but it's still a good site) and SoundTransit, which also looks cool, (more about that it a forthcoming post).

Anyway, keep those cards and letters a-comin'. :)


Anonymous said...

Mwahahahaa... you CAN post anonymously! You learn something every day. I can be tricky and be a complete mystery, just like when we were in high school... oops.
But seriously, you can change your setting for word verification to keep the spam comments away (supposedly). Just some info and you other lurkers... mwahahahaa.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, but not really. You probably know each poster immediately by the wit (or for Amos, the lack thereof).