Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Free Culture Movement

Slashdot posted a link to an article by Lawrence Lessig on the similarities between the Free Software and Free Culture movements, and how both are growing in Brazil.

One thing of particular interest in the article is the description of how regulation of copyright has evolved, and how current copyright law is at loggerheads with new means and methods of both creation and distribution.

I continue to see creation happening more and more outside of the traditional publisher-oriented mindset, and more by individuals, who will then continue to be more and more interested in the spread of their works than in the control of them, especially vis-a-vis the free licensing structures outlined in the article (i.e. GPL, Creative Commons, etc.) And as this happens, what the traditional publishers/rightsholders do and say (especially regarding such annoyances as DRM) will matter less and less.

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