Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Canadian Podcasts

I've found myself listening to a few non-US podcasts of late, a few of which are Canadian. Two of them are from Canadian radio, and a third is by a Canadian radio producer, so I'm assuming that I'm getting fairly standard (if eclectic) "Made in Canada" fare.

What's surprised and amused me is the frequency with which these shows are "self-consciously Canadian". By that, I mean that they make quite an effort to promote specifically Canadian things, listing their Canadian-ness as a distinct virtue. And one show mentioned that they have radio rules specifying that a certain amount of broadcast content must be primarily Canadian-produced.

I'm no anthropologist, mind you, but it does have me wondering if this is a backlash to living in the shadow of the US, or if I'm just giving us too much credit. I have yet to hear any anti-US comments in any of the contexts that I'm hearing the pro-Canada comments, and one show, Quirks and Quarks, has many American scientific guests.


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