Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cowboy Junkies on The Internet Archive

I found a new source of music. Actually, this is where I got the Troupe EP I mentioned a while back. It's The Internet Archive. It's got a bunch of stuff on it, (an understatement, to be sure), but one neat thing on it is a collection of concerts.

Seems that there are bands that permit (and some that encourage) taping of their shows by fans, and allow them to share the tapes with friends (i.e. non-commercially). The Grateful Dead did this, and have over 2000 (!) shows on archive.org.

So I'm currently listening to a Cowboy Junkies concert that I pulled down. The quality is very good, and if I liked it, would be a keeper. Actually, I don't really dislike the music so much. Her (their?) voice is really nice, and the music is good. Like what I'd like to play, if I could play guitar. I'm listening to this while I'm working, so I'm not paying attention to the lyrics, but what I hear are a bit moody and down. Not a lot, but enough that I'm not likely to become a big fan.

Anyway, there are gobs of groups out there, most of whom I've never heard of, and a few that I have, that I'll be listening to and talking about shortly.

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