Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another Three from Magnatune

DAC Crowell - The sea and the sky

Billed as "ambient/electroacoustic New Music". I remember not liking Red-Shifted Harmonies too much; this is an example of why I try, try again. While this album is similar to RSH, I like it much more. Still not melodic, but more like a long piece from an early Vangelis album, (whereas RSH was more Glass-ish). Good stuff, although it tended to go on a lot longer than I would have preferred.

Stargarden - Music for Modern Listening

Like the new DAC Crowell, I like this one more than the other, earlier Stargarden release. As they say in the album notes, it's more melodic, and has a good deal more to say. An all-around good release.

Satori - For Relaxation

Billed as "peaceful, meditative ambient new age". Okay, I have liked new age music pretty much since I discovered it, and have disliked almost everything else associated with "new age" just as much. And apparently, the desire to keep the two connected is still alive and well, judging from Satori's artist page.

Having said that, this album is really nice. Each track is backed by nature sounds, and the music is very calm and gentle, truly "For Relaxation". I've had it playing while I worked, and it's just been a pleasant thing to have on. If I didn't already have several CDs of nature sounds, this would have been an instant buy, as I'm really hooked on having nature sounds as background noise while I work.

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