Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Saw the Space Station

Went outside mere moments ago (00:32 UTC, actually), and saw the ISS (International Space Station) pass overhead. It was quite bright, and quite fast. (And at 25F and 35mph winds, quite cold, too!)

Heavens Above was the site I went to, to get predictions as to when it would pass overhead, and it was right on the money. You tell it where you are (as accurately, in lat/long terms, as possible), and it'll tell you when you can expect to see the ISS (or any number of other satellites), and where in the sky they'll be, and how bright they'll be as well.

And in the 14 minutes since it passed overhead, the ISS is now over the southern part of the UK, it would seem. Ain't that cool?!

(I'm gonna do that again, when it's warmer.)

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