Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More Magnatune

C. Layne - The Sun Will Come Out to Blind You

Odd, somewhat depressing. Made it thru the first 2 and half of the 3rd track. Music is decent; vocals are decent, but the tone is dismal; lyrics seem okay, although I wasn't really paying attention. Next.

hands upon black earth

Started off odd, but interesting; got more odd and less interesting as it went on. Made it about halfway through. Next.

Professor Armchair - Too Much Mustard

Billed as "demented 19th century children's music". Now how can you go wrong with that?! Quite easily, you say? Not quite so. This is actually pretty neat stuff. Upbeat and positive, in that optimistic, 19th century circus-style way. I kept thinking that it'd get old or tiring, but it played really well. (I'd be interested in seeing what my kids, 8 & 4, think about it...)

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