Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I had thought this would be a minor thing, but I'm really enjoying the wireless keyboard and mouse I've been using at my new job. It's a Logitech, (and it's good to see that Logitech is still putting out quality products; I remember buying Logitech meese back in the old days...), and feels no different from using a wired combo, except I'm not caught up messing with the cords ever. And while previously I didn't think it bothered me that much, now I find myself noticing how nice it is. About the only improvement I can think of is if the mouse was optical (which I'm sure they make, I just don't have one).


Anonymous said...

Gee.. I could have told you that wireless sets were nice.. But nooooo.. dont listen to the crazy indian.

djaquay said...

Hmm? Wha? Did you say something, Rakesh? :)

Anonymous said...

Aparently .. Not a thing at all :-P