Monday, November 22, 2004

The Wonders of RSS

I was just listening to a podcast whilst taking a walk over lunch, and was thinking about RSS. I'm almost up to 40 feeds on Bloglines, which I tend to check 2-3 times a day. Each pass takes maybe 5 minutes to read the headlines, plus a little more if/when there's an article I want to read.

Think about that. I'd be hard pressed to open up 40 separate pages in 5 minutes, let alone put up with the tedium of that 3 times daily, let alone put up with the tedium of trying to figure out what's new on each of them.

Now, it's too easy for me to collect links; there are far too many interesting things out there. I'm currently dedicated to keeping my feeds limited to low-traffic sites (except, of course, for Slashdot), and the number of feeds limited, as it could easily absorb all available free time if I didn't. But even so, this is a way cool thing. (Of course, podcasting makes it even more cool, but I've already jumped up and down about that lately.)

Man, this is a cool, cool world.

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