Friday, October 01, 2004

Jim 'n Nicks

Went to lunch at Jim 'n Nicks Barbecue. If you're ever in Birmingham, AL, (or Destin, FL, I think, and maybe other places), Jim 'n Nicks has wonderful barbecue. I'll admit to not being an expert on southern barbecue, but Jim 'n Nicks has great ribs (both spare and baby back). Yum, I'll be licking my fingers for hours. (And probably stopping at Bruster's on the way home :).


Hope said...

Why shucks. I do wish I knew how to do html tags and such! I'm in Montgomery, looking up the menu for Jim 'n Nicks. Ran across your post about southern BBQ. I have laughed and thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I'll have to bookmark this place and come back to read. And I have to tell ya', Dave, "Nothing like Ivan." However, Opal did more damage here in Montgomery. Keep bloggin'!

djaquay said...

I think I was out of state for Opal, although my parents, in Pensacola, lost a nice big oak to that one. Glad you're enjoying the blog!